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Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor Review

This very affordable food processor from Hamilton Beach has a wide opening and a lot of power to process whole fruits and vegetables with ease.Hamilton Beach 70573H Clever Design
The Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth has three speeds plus a pulse button that give you control to ensure that ingredients are uniformly chopped, grated, or sliced. The blades that come with the machine include a reversible slicing and shredding disc and a stainless-steel standard chopping blade for mixing and dicing. Customers say they like how sturdy the steel blades feel. The 14-cup food bowl is clear plastic so you can easily see the texture of the ingredients as they mix, avoiding over-processing. The bowls lid has a wide opening that fits whole fruits and vegetables like potatoes and apples, allowing for continual processing. The base is made of sleek black plastic for easy cleanup and no stains.Stable Operation.

With four suction cup legs, the Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor will not move around the countertop, even when processing a full 14-cup container. In addition, like most food processors, this unit will not operate unless the food bowl and lid are securely locked into place. This provides peace of mind for those new to food processors or people with small children in the home. Safety is an important feature of the Hamilton Beach 70573H even at the affordable price point.Excellent Value.

The Hamilton Beach 70573H Food Processor is an excellent value compared to other food processors on the market. The powerful 500-watt motor efficiently processes all kinds of foods as well as other brand name units, but at a much more affordable price. In fact, this machine can be purchased for a price of about one third that of similar products from other brands. Owners say that this unit can even outperform the competition in slicing and chopping, as well as with the wide opening that allows processing of large pieces of food eliminating the need for pre-cutting ingredients.Advantages of the Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor

Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, the Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor is a time-saver in the kitchen. Customers use it to shred cabbage and lettuce, slice zucchini, grate blocks of cheese and make salsa from fresh ingredients. The work bowl, lid, pusher assembly and blades can all go into the dishwasher for easy clean up or the parts can all be washed by hand. Come owners recommend placing the plastic parts on the top rack of the dishwasher so that there is less risk of warping or discoloration due to the heat of the machine.Disadvantages of the Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor Amazon.

Upon first attempts, a few customers have had some problems with perfectly chopping or slicing ingredients. This is common with first time users of food processors as their multiple blades and fast motors can easily liquefy softer fruits and vegetables. All that is needed is a bit of practice and a glance at the instruction guide enclosed with the Hamilton Beach 70573H. Try practicing first with a vegetable like zucchini, carrot or cucumber to get a feel for the speed, pressure and timing for creating perfectly processed foods.
A well-priced processor for any household, the Hamilton Beach 70573H Big Mouth Food Processor, Black is an excellent purchase to reduce preparation time for all your favorite recipes and make cooking fun again.

Top 16 Ways to Save Money on Food

Spending less money on groceries is a great way to stick to a budget and save money each month. You probably have several of your own ideas for saving money, but you may not be aware of all the different ways to cut back on your grocery bills. Some of the ways to save money (like gardening) are even fun for the family.

These suggestions range from the practical to the unusual, with suggestions like reducing meat intake, learning to can food, and investing in a giant chest freezer. You can pick out the suggestions that work for you.16.

Start A Neighborly Food Exchange
Do you have an orange tree that produces way more fruit than you need? Or maybe you’ve got a blackberry bramble on your property that produces a glut of blackberries at the peak of the season?
Do your neighbors have raspberry bushes or a grapefruit tree that you’ve got your eye on? Many people produce food on their own properties, and their neighbors do as well. Speak with your neighbors about setting up a food exchange: a cooperative agreement to exchange food when harvest time comes.

Trading foods with your neighbors at the peak production time means that everyone benefits, because many people find that they have more food than they know what to do with when harvest time comes.
You may not even need to organize an exchange in order to get an exchange going between you and your neighbors. Try offering your neighbors food for free, and see what happens. Many neighbors with gardens and fruit producing trees will offer fruits of their own labor at harvest time.

You can take this one a step further by participating in a community garden, or starting a community garden of your own. Community gardens can be situated in spaces like empty lots and at community recreation centers.

If you’re interested in starting a community garden, you’ll need to find the space, find interested parties and then decide how each plot will be divided amongst the participants. As the organizer of a community garden, you may end up with free produce, but you’ll need to put a lot of personal time and effort into the job.
Once the garden is up and running, you may be able to collaborate with different members of the garden to produce a variety of different vegetables, and share the available produce with all who participate. You might even decide to take this a step farther and have a harvest feast at the end of the growing season.

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Raw Food Restaurants Found In New York

New York has some of the best restaurants found anywhere in America and among these restaurants you will find that the raw food restaurants are beginning to attract a lot more attention as more and more people are looking towards leading a healthier lifestyle. This great city has a great track record of serving some of the greatest raw food in the world. Out of these famous restaurants there are actually ten that actually stand out three of which are vegetarian. All of this is made possible because of the vast array of cultures that can be found within the big apple.

   There are a variety of different foods that these raw food restaurants in New York serve including things such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The even offer a wide range of raw desserts as well. When a lot of people think of the fact of eating raw food they are worried about the taste but you may be surprised because it actually tastes quite good.

   All of these great restaurants use a variety of different tools to provide you with the best taste possible when it comes to raw food in New York. This includes such things as food processors, blenders, and even juicers among others. All of these tools provide you with some of the best tasting food around.
   Probably what throws a lot of people away from eating at these raw restaurants in New York is the fact that there are absolutely no stoves, ovens, or even microwaves that are used. This is done so that they will be able to preserve the live enzymes that are present within all the raw food. Theses enzymes actually begin to break down and lose their health benefits if they are cooked above 140 degrees.

   The trends of eating in raw food restaurants in New York have begun to rise in the past few years. Due to this fact there has been a wide variety of different culinary restaurant schools teaching chefs all about cooking with raw food. There are also famous chefs visiting these great restaurants in an effort how to cook these great foods.

   Out of all the great raw food restaurants that are located within New York probably one of the most popular would be the Pure Food and Wine restaurant. This fabulous restaurant opened in 2004 and they over some of the best eye catching raw foods in New York. Some of the other popular raw food restaurants in New York include Quintessence, and Bonobos.

   So as you can see raw food restaurants in New York are quickly growing in popularity. You should really consider giving one of these great restaurants a try today; you may be amazed at the fabulous flavors that you will encounter.

Creative Cooking with Christine

My name is Christine and I have set up this blog to share my ideas and passion for food. Cooking is something which has always been a passion for me. Since I was eight years old growing up in a restaurant surrounded by chefs I have always been fascinated with food and the atmosphere of a kitchen. I remember one of my first cooking adventures in the kitchen was making gingerbread men. Sweet and spicy crunchy biscuits!(love them to this day!) thank you to the chef dave for showing me!! I have fond memories of spending every Saturday with my grandmother helping her polish the silver, but more importantly making her signature brown bread for all the family, apple tart for after dinner and cupcakes from time to time. She thought me the simple techniques and care when baking, to carefully knead the bread and peel and core apples to an accurate size, there was no such thing as scales it was all by eye and spoonful! Thats what I loved most about Nanas cooking was that it was by taste and understanding, not just following a recipe, it was simple effective and provided me with the basic tools i needed when cooking!

From then I followed a love of baking and pastry. I have always loved art so when it came to making Birthday cakes, I was in my element! I used wait in anticipation to come home on the weekends from boarding school to head straight into the kitchen to find out what cakes for parties were ordered on that weekend. For a while I watched while Brian the pastry chef would work, and all I would want to do was help until I found myself decorating all the cakes and desserts, adding the garnish and chocolate dipped strawberries. It made me really exciting to see people enjoy a cake we made!

After many a hard decision, I decided to study architecture in college. Why architecture? people ask me, because at the time I grew up in a restaurant and my parents took the risk of opening it and making it successful through such hard work and I suppose they encouraged me for something more stable and at the time it seemed to be architecture, I loved art and was good at maths, so I worked extremely hard to get the points. When I did I thought that it was the best thing ever and that nobody can tell me I cant do it!
After three years in architecture I was at wits end.

I wasnt getting results I wanted after working 12 hours a day everyday and never saw myself becoming an architect. But I didnt think I had anything else at the time until Masterchef Ireland came along!! A big thanks to my friend Aidan who told me they were doing auditions and that I should go along because without him telling me I wouldnt have known. I really didnt have the time to think about it having been so busy in college but it remained in my head. I thought why not I have nothing to loose. At this point I didnt have a lot of confidence in my cooking and didnt think I stood a chance so when I went to the auditions, it was going to be for the experience!! My heart sank when I went into the room and Nick and Dylan were staring at me, I began to question why I put myself through it.But when I got the two Yeses and the apron I couldnt believe it, I was about to cook against the countries top amateur chefs and have one of the best experiences of my life.

So throughout the first few shows I just about survived, I was finding it very tough and needed a moment to prove I deserved my place in the competition.But as time went on I got stronger and was starting to shine but the highlight for me was definitely the fishing trip! It was so much fun and I really surprised myself with the mystery bag of ingredients and came out with a really good fish dish and really proved I deserved my place in the competition.

However it all came to an end for me at the semi-finals when the nerves and the task got the best of me. At that point of the competition perfection was required and I let one or two things slip and I had to leave the competition gutted!! There was a silver lining though, through the massive support and reaction to me leaving the show I realized I could really follow my dream in food despite not winning masterchef. So Dylan offered to give me a trial and I did and have been working in Rustic Stone since, I have moved to Dublin to really give this a shot and I have never been happier and busier. I am also teaching a cookery course two days a week in Ballyvourney Co.Cork and also currently working with The Cheswick Clinic to making healthy eating a habit. Everything I am doing is so versatile but I love it it keeps me motivated and inspired to come up with new ideas!

Udder Delight Cooking from the Heart

Milk is getting some old-school treatment up in the Hunter Valley. Family operated Udder Farm Dairy at Luskintyre is packaging up non-homogenised cow’s milk in glass bottles and by-passing Coles-worths to sell direct to local corner stores.
When cows are milked, a layer of cream settles at the top. Back in the day, it was this layer of milk that indicated the quality of the milk – the thicker the layer, the better the milk. All was needed was a good shake to disperse the creamy layer throughout the milk before pouring yourself a glass. Homogenisation is when milk is forced through tiny tubes to break down the size of fat molecules in milk so they disperse throughout the milk and stay dispersed, removing any chance of a cream layer forming in bottles of stored milk. In a hark back to the old days, Glenn took a punt on people’s penchant for reminiscing and decided to bottle up his milk un-homogenised and in glass bottles.

To say the public reaction is positive is an understatement. The Haines family’s operation has been featured in local media numerous times over the last few months.  People are raving about how beautiful the milk tastes, either on its own or in homemade ice-cream and ricotta. Production continues to grow month by month.
Glenn Haines had always farmed, be it vegetables or dairy. But, while most other people his age are planning their retirement, Glenn decided to start a new venture bottling milk the old-fashioned way. The impetus was dwindling profit margins supplying milk to big supermarket chains. There was also the matter of Glenn not wanting to retire. He is looking forward to dairy farming for many decades yet and this new project would also help keep things interesting. With the help of his sons, Jamie and Tim, producing a product with a unique selling point has meant driving sales locally and independently at a price point of their choosing.

The next issue is keeping up with demand. The Haines are in the common predicament of successful entrepreneurs where the demand is growing fast, but not yet at great enough quantities to justify an expensive labeling and bottling machine. So all the family chip in to apply by hand all the labels on every bottle of milk, yoghurt and cream. When we arrived to visit, there were two people busily sticking labels on the family-friendly two-litre bottles.

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