Saturday, May 20, 2017

Raw Food Restaurants Found In New York

New York has some of the best restaurants found anywhere in America and among these restaurants you will find that the raw food restaurants are beginning to attract a lot more attention as more and more people are looking towards leading a healthier lifestyle. This great city has a great track record of serving some of the greatest raw food in the world. Out of these famous restaurants there are actually ten that actually stand out three of which are vegetarian. All of this is made possible because of the vast array of cultures that can be found within the big apple.

   There are a variety of different foods that these raw food restaurants in New York serve including things such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The even offer a wide range of raw desserts as well. When a lot of people think of the fact of eating raw food they are worried about the taste but you may be surprised because it actually tastes quite good.

   All of these great restaurants use a variety of different tools to provide you with the best taste possible when it comes to raw food in New York. This includes such things as food processors, blenders, and even juicers among others. All of these tools provide you with some of the best tasting food around.
   Probably what throws a lot of people away from eating at these raw restaurants in New York is the fact that there are absolutely no stoves, ovens, or even microwaves that are used. This is done so that they will be able to preserve the live enzymes that are present within all the raw food. Theses enzymes actually begin to break down and lose their health benefits if they are cooked above 140 degrees.

   The trends of eating in raw food restaurants in New York have begun to rise in the past few years. Due to this fact there has been a wide variety of different culinary restaurant schools teaching chefs all about cooking with raw food. There are also famous chefs visiting these great restaurants in an effort how to cook these great foods.

   Out of all the great raw food restaurants that are located within New York probably one of the most popular would be the Pure Food and Wine restaurant. This fabulous restaurant opened in 2004 and they over some of the best eye catching raw foods in New York. Some of the other popular raw food restaurants in New York include Quintessence, and Bonobos.

   So as you can see raw food restaurants in New York are quickly growing in popularity. You should really consider giving one of these great restaurants a try today; you may be amazed at the fabulous flavors that you will encounter.


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